Ulster Street 12:30

Here's a new addition to my slowly growing collection of new songs and demos (posted here as they are finished). This song has been knocking around unfinished for a while now and I've probably tried every instrumentation and arrangement variation possible. In the end I settled on solo vocal and guitar. It was recorded late at night while the rest of the house was asleep so there's a very quiet vibe going on that I probably wouldn't have come to any other way. It seems to work well though.

Long Night with Vish Khanna

For the last two years I've been handling the live tapings of Vish Khanna's Long Night. Long Night is a live talk show that takes place as part of the Long Winter Festival. The show is held once a month in the Black Box Theatre in the basement of the Great Hall and usually involves 3 - 4 guests, a musical act and/or stand-up comedy and features The Bicycles as house band. Vish posts the shows on his Kreative Kontrol podcast.
It's a fun, flying by the seat of your pants type of gig. Set-up time is minimal (there are usually acts on right before and right after the show) and there is no soundcheck. It's a minor miracle that it works and the results are usually quite good.

In Drift

I've been doing some mixing for Toronto surf/space/new wave band In Drift. The tracks were produced and recorded by guitarist Colin Thompson (with drums tracked by me at 6 Nassau). All songs were mixed at 6 Nassau with final polishing done at The Junkshop.

Matt Foy - åtte

Matt and I continue our long running collaboration on his new record åtte. It was written and recorded over 2 days at 6 Nassau in Toronto. As always Matt wrote the songs on the spot and played all the instruments. 
Before we started we had talked about how great it would be to make the record on tape. Unfortunately the studio only has a 2 track mix down deck. Never ones to give up we decided to record each element through one track of the tape machine to Pro Tools. Every element was recorded using a combination of three microphones - a close mic, a room mic and a far room mic. The mix of the three mics went to the tape machine and into the computer from the playback head. If you're a recording nerd and curious about the process there's a lengthy discussion of it here.
If you aren't a recording nerd and just want to hear the results you can listen below.

Ishaq - BERGSDORF (Documentary)

Last year I mixed a beautiful record for the Italian band Ishaq. It was produced and engineered by my good friend Tobin Stewart of Carpet of Horses at his Ballroom studio in Bergsdorf Germany. The band have just released a documentary about the making of the record. If you enjoy post rock, the German country side and people making beautiful music in the freezing cold you'll probably love the film.

New Writings and 4 Tracking

Just realizing it's been a while since I've posted anything here. It's been a bit of a whirlwind of a year with lots of ups and down.
One of the highlights has been a break in my 5 year (maybe 6 year?) bout of lyrical writer's block. I've started writing words and singing again. I've even started playing some shows again. It feels good.
At some point some of these tunes will probably end up as a real album of some sort but for the moment I'm just doing quick and dirty demos on the 4 track and moving on. Going back to the old cassette deck has been a really liberating experience. It's amazing how much more creative I can be when I'm not staring at a computer screen.
I'm posting finished songs to Soundcloud. You can listen below. Check back in every now and then for new works.

Night Terrors - Wardenclyffe

Matthew Beech and I started this record by emailing tracks back and forth a few years ago. I'd begun playing around with tape loops again and sent Matt some of my experiments. He added song ideas he'd been working on and we mailed things back and forth until it seemed like there was a record in there somewhere. Along the way the demos morphed into the final record.  
Started in basements in Sudbury and Toronto, main tracking and mixing at 6 Nassau, mastered by Andy Magoffin.

Ishaq - Remedies

Here's a beautiful record by the italian band Ishaq. Produced and engineered by Tobin Stewart. Mixed by me at 6 Nassau.

Matt Foy DubEffectEP

Written, recorded, dubbed and mixed at 6 Nassau, March 2015.

Ishaq @ the Ballroom, Bergsdorf, Germany

Just started work on mixes for the Italian band Ishaq. Produced and engineered by Tobin Stewart at his ballroom in Bergsdorf Germany. Man, what a room. This stuff sound beautiful.

If you read italian there's a great looking blog about the recording HERE but if you're like me you'll just end up looking at the pictures.

Awna Teixeira Wild One

Out now. Recorded and mixed at 6 Nassau in the summer of 2014.

Barry Miles - Thanksgiving at Dave's Recording Session

Here's a nice promo clip for an EP I recorded, mixed and mastered at Cosmic Dave's Sound Emporium on Thanksgiving Sunday. You can hear the final record over on Barry's bandcamp page - http://barrymiles.bandcamp.com/releases

Awna Teixeira - Wild One - Kickstarter

Here's a preview of a really beautiful record I was lucky enough to make with Awna Teixeira at 6 Nassau this summer. Awna's started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for promotion and vinyl pressing. If you like what you hear help her out by pledging some cash - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1467320846/awna-teixeiras-2nd-full-length-album-release-wild


Christine Fellows - Burning Daylight

The record I made with Christine Fellows last summer will be released in this month (with a Toronto book/cd launch at Type Books on Sept 22). I'm very, very excited to see the final product. In the mean time you can listen to the first leaked track and read a bit of advanced hype -



The Bicycles - Young Drones

The Bicycles - Young Drones rock opera/extravaganza. I did the main tracking session for this at 6 Nassau last fall. The band finished up and mixed at home.

Murder Murder Murder by Murder Murder

Recorded live off the floor and mixed by me at 6 Nassau. May 2013.

Pretend We're Kissing

Very pleased to announce that I am writing and recording the score for Matt Sadowski's new feature film Pretend We're Kissing. The soundtrack is based on work from my instrumental record The Past Is A Foreign Country.

More info on the film can be found here - nonromcom.com

Matt Foy 6

More from Matt Foy (he's on a roll). Matt Foy 6 is now available for download from bandcamp, cdbaby & iTunes. Recorded, mixed and mastered at 6 Nassau in the fall of 2013 by yours truly